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Cloud DevOps


There is a seismic shift going on in business right now. Businesses of all sizes are pursuing a digital agenda, moving existing business activity online and building net new digital applications. Why now?
And what can you do to transform faster?

According to a recent Deloitte report, the adoption of cloud services by businesses in Australia has resulted in a cumulative productivity benefit to the economy of $9.4 billion over the last 5 years. Clearly, cloud works. The cloud-native applications that are being built help people work more effectively, reduce supply chain inefficiencies, improve the customer experience, and much more.

If the decision-makers in your business are still not convinced about cloud, here are four compelling arguments to present to them – plus a proven way forward for managing digital applications in your business.

1. Cloud helps you cut costs

The top reason that many businesses move to cloud? Cost savings. In a survey of IT leaders, 66% cited cost-cutting as the main agenda. All these experts aren’t wrong – cloud is cheaper than maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

By moving to cloud, you can significantly reduce costly hardware expenses and instead slot infrastructure and platforms (as a service) into a pay-as-you-go OpEx model. Indeed, this is widely regarded as the most compelling financial benefit of cloud.

2. Cloud helps you innovate faster
Every business wants to be the best, right? But to get there, you need the flexibility to rapidly build applications for any environment – all while retaining control of complex and varied environments and, importantly, keeping things secure.

When managed well, an investment in cloud enables you to harness the innovations stemming from the latest open source technologies and tools, like Gitlab, Kubernetes, Terraform and Prometheus . In doing so, you help your developers to become more productive. With incredible innovations literally at their fingertips, DevOps teams can tap into a global resource of tried and tested tools for the rapid building, testing and deployment of apps. There is no need to start
from scratch.

Leveraging these tools, your team can turn ideas into reality faster, getting better services out to
market to delight your customers and outperform your competitors.

3. Cloud boosts scalability and agility

Scalability is at the heart of cloud computing. You can dial up or down your usage depending on demand. Got a massive online sale coming up? Boost capacity so your systems don’t crash and you risk losing customers. When the sale’s over, shrink it back to business-as-usual capacity.

Cloud makes your business more agile, too. Those open source technologies at your DevOps team’s fingertips? Using rich libraries of proven solutions, developers can quickly develop new applications that meet market demand and help your business stay on the front foot.

4. Cloud is super-secure

The cloud hyperscalers pride themselves on the security of their systems. Indeed, they invest millions in making sure that your data is secure – it’s their job to maintain incredibly rigorous standards of security and compliance for their IaaS, PaaS or SaaS offerings. If they experience a
breach or even a little downtime, their reputation takes a huge hit.

That said, it’s important to identify where their responsibility ends and where yours begins. Identifying roles and responsibilities for things like data encryption and privacy – as well as knowing who’s in charge of things like backups – is a critical component of your cloud migration strategy.

Move faster with a cloud-based, managed container solution

To help you develop, deploy and manage digital applications, Red Hat and Microsoft have joined forces to offer a managed, cloud-based container environment. Azure Red Hat OpenShift combines Red Hat’s enterprise-grade, Kubernetes-based container application platform with Microsoft’s global network of some of the world’s largest and most robust data centres. The result? Innovation and scalability on a trusted, reliable foundation, expressly to support the world’s most demanding applications.

As our new eBook, Re-thinking digital transformation, explains in detail, Azure Red Hat OpenShift
helps you:
• Build, deploy and scale applications with confidence
• Empower your developers to innovate
• Increase IT efficiency, security and availability
• Scale economically, on demand
• Simplify your support experience

It all combines to inject speed and agility into your digital transformation efforts, while ensuring a secure, proven path to cloud.

You don’t have to go it alone

To accelerate your path to cloud, it pays to partner with cloud experts. LAB3 can help you design and implement a solid migration strategy that will see you reaping the benefits of cloud in no time.

To learn more, get in touch today or download our eBook, Re-thinking digital transformation. >

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