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Imagine running a construction company where it takes months to set up and dismantle onsite offices and the technology is, in short, pretty old and running slowly and unreliably. In a highly competitive industry, ProBuild needed more. In 2018, LAB3 modernised one of Australia’s biggest names in construction. We completely transformed ProBuild’s network and IT with outstanding commercial outcomes. They’re now benefiting from deeper insight into performance—and an environment that’s never been more stable, secure and reliable.

Growing and scaling for 30 years, but what about IT?

ProBuild has been in business for 30+ years, building projects of all types from commercial, to retail, education, residential and industrial.

They move fast, opening and closing offices on their construction sites on a weekly basis. But with a rigid IT-provider and a slow, aging network, ProBuild was struggling to meet its business objectives. It was also spending excessively –and at risk of falling behind in today’s competitive construction market.

The team knew that significant change was a must. But to make it happen, they needed the right advice. And they needed a more proactive and flexible technology partner to support them over the long term.

Seamless modernisation

We adopted a holistic approach to help ProBuild achieve short and long-term objectives. From the very start, we worked hard to understand their business strategy and assess requirements so we could design software-defined networks that met their goals:
Rapid site deployment, relocation and modificationArchitecture positioned for growth and acquisitionConnectivity with path monitoring and automated failover

In just 4 (intensive) months we:

  • Implemented a modern network and scalability: replaced ProBuild’s legacy hardware and implemented a Cisco Meraki Software Defined Network, also replacing their high-cost MPLS networks with high-speed internet-based, business-grade fibre network.
  • Increased agility: designed and built a rapid deployment kit (‘site in a box’) that enables them to set up new site offices quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Provided a stable, cost-effective connection: reduced their datacentre footprint by moving services to Azure cloud, significantly reducing ongoing costs and enabling the team to scale up and down more easily.

The results speak for themselves


30%7 days100%
Less spend on carriage and network costs year on year (including transition costs)Now needed to set up new sites (compared to 2-3 months)Less downtime and disruption across the business

“We chose LAB3 because the team was 100% focused on our mutual success and business objectives from day one. They were willing to go the extra mile in every respect. LAB3 never came across a challenge they wouldn’t tackle –and if they identified a gap, they found a resource to fill it. Above all, the cost savings and increased productivity they helped us create has been transformative. We look forward to working with the LAB3 team long into the future.”

Michael Parrent, Acting CTO of ProBuild

Making ProBuild the competitor of the future

And we didn’t stop there. ProBuild chose LAB3 as their ongoing partner. Through a unique Agile Managed Services (AMS) contract, we now provide their environment under their discretion –while remaining flexible to their changing needs.

As a resource-oriented contract, they have the freedom to scale up and down quickly, easily and affordably, which prevents issues from escalating. The contract also enables them to pivot or re-direct resources in-line with business requirements. Thanks to our ServiceNow deployment, ProBuild can also track and manage their technology assets, while self-serving and seamlessly engaging with IT.

In addition, we have a large network of strategic partners which are readily available to ProBuild when needed. This provides ProBuild with the technology reach of a top-tier bank—all to enable them to be truly fast and competitive.

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