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Cloud DevOps


Traditional banks are feeling increasing pressure to modernise, both by consumers and disruptive FinTech players. But the security and regulatory obligations they face—strict adherence to security, APRA, data retention and patching compliance just to mention a few—means banks are struggling to innovate. Working with some of the big 4 in Australia, Lab3 has developed a method to improve scalability and speed to market by migrating key structures and processes to cloud, with self-service automation and a way to safely develop innovation with the right guardrails in place.

What does modernising a bank really mean?

What do you do when you have 10,000 virtual machines spread across hundreds of unique applications, and complex governance, processes and controls? Add in unorganised data points and the potential to create significant technical, financial and brand damage if not expertly managed… say hello to trying to modernise a big bank in this day and age.

The challenge we faced was to fast-track a big bank’s modernisation efforts, providing improved scalability, availability, disaster recovery, cost management and speed to market capabilities. For us, aside from taking into account all the complexities, it’s not just about moving to a more elastic system, it’s about creating a model that’s future-proof as well so support continuous innovation.

Making enterprise transformation simpler

We undertook an enterprise transformation with one of Australia’s major banks, in short, laid the foundations to enable their on-premises footprint to cloud and developed a platform for innovation by:
Step 1: AutomationStep 2: Future ProofingStep 3: Mass Migrations
Develop a capability to automatically provision predefined architectural blueprints aligned to bank standardsOperationalised a Cloud Managed Services team designed to support workloads at scaleLay the foundations with Azure Migrate to enable Mass Migrations


Automation and maturing DevOps

To build with speed and scale, you need central automation—we created a Multi-Cloud Build Centre to do just that: we defined a set of architectural blueprints to deploy as code in cloud and enhanced application teams’ speed, flexibility and compliance. We also built and deployed a CI/CD toolchain that can automatically provision standard, repeatable environments.

Future-proofing with Cloud Managed Services (CMS)

The aspirational DevOps concept of “you built it you own it” is not a statement that can be relied upon within a highly regulated banking environment, which is why we setup the appropriate guard rails for aspiring DevOps teams to safely mature their ‘Ops’ capability. We established an enterprise-grade, multi-cloud CMS to help with: a) Critical operational support services (cost management, governance, monitoring, patch management, etc), and b) DevOps staff augmentation (we offer a pool of shared resources to increase a DevOps team’s technical skills, consumed “on demand”).

Building the future of banking

At Lab3, our deep expertise across the entire DevOps lifecycle—consultation, strategy, project delivery, automation, build, and run—provides our banking partners with something that many niche service providers fail to do: provide an integrated solution that addresses their end-to-end needs.By using automation to build architecturally approved environments, we help banks remove bespoke complexity from their on-premise datacentres while modernising, and building a platform for ongoing innovation.


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timeposted: 2 years ago