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Pact Group, one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers, was determined to measure OEE across all their machines in order to optimise their operations. By leveraging Fourpoint.OEE solution, they were able to connect all their processes and machines, new and old, and access real-time data to make proactive decisions on the floor.

The great disconnection

Pact Group is one of the leading plastics manufacturers in Australasia, with 3700+ operating lines and 100+ sites across 15 countries. They knew they needed to transform to a smart factory model but struggled to find a solution that was simple to implement, with low upfront costs, that would allow them to make incremental improvements and provide accessibility to all their valuable data in a connected, open format to analyse and make informed business decisions.

They needed to capture and integrate data from old systems and machines with new processes, enabling access to real-time data to optimise, but without overhauling their whole operation. But most of the big vendor solutions they considered had proprietary systems that didn’t integrate with internal systems (e.g. SAP) and couldn’t be used with other analytics solutions like Microsoft’s Power BI.

Connecting people, data, and processes

Fourpoint.OEE is one of the first cloud-based OEE solutions that gives manufacturers access to open data in real-time and ties their existing tech stack together to enable proactive decision making across all machinery—exactly when they need it.

It is easy to implement, has little up-front costs, and effectively integrates old and new systems to gain visibility across the entire production process.

“Having 20+ years experience in operational excellence, one of the first things one should do is focus on OEE to get efficiencies on the shop floor. One of the challenges we faced is finding a provider who could connect our older machines to get the data required. Fourpoint OEE is the solution that enabled all of this to happen and enabled us to drive the improvement activities we were looking for on the shop floor.”

Steven Callewaert, GM Operational Excellence, Pact Group

By using Microsoft IoT technologies and connecting into sensors via OPCUA, with a robust architecture that scales out using Azure cloud, we can implement any size deployment quickly and cost-effectively.

One of the main long-term benefits of connecting all their systems and processes in the cloud is that it builds the foundation for their 4.0 future, working towards predictive maintenance and self-optimising lines, by having real-time visibility over the whole manufacturing process and access to the data for business insights.

Optimising for today, innovating for tomorrow

And our work isn’t over, we promise to optimise today while working towards tomorrow. That’s why we brought in key customers like Pact on an advisory role to continually improve the solution based on learnings from the factory floor.


Pact can see results right from the start:

75% less customer complaints

30% improvement on shop-floor rejects

30% less waste material

98% + on time delivery

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timeposted: 2 years ago