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The Challenge

Volt Bank is a disruptor in the finance industry. Growing fast and attracting waves of new customers every week, the business banks on delivering an exceptional digital experience – to both internal and external customers.

Yet, in the face of exponential growth, Volt Bank was struggling to keep up with IT services. Onboarding new staff, consultants, and third-party partners with the right equipment and access was getting harder and harder. Volt’s IT service management model needed an uplift, too – response times for service requests were starting to impact upon productivity.

“For a small operation, we’re very reliant on our people to be productive every day. If a handful are disrupted due to an IT issue, their ability to meet our tight delivery schedules and launch timeframes is compromised,” explained Johmar Gazo, CIO, Volt Bank.

Beyond banking operations, Volt faced a bigger issue around the provisioning of cloud environments to power the apps that drive its business. The performance and availability of cloud infrastructure was being compromised due to incorrectly sized or scoped dev/test and production environments. As a digital-only business, this was simply unacceptable – Volt’s banking services must perform at their peak, 24×7, no exceptions.

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Of Volt customers, with more joining each week


The Solution

Volt Bank selected LAB3 as its IT partner based on a proven track record in cloud native infrastructure, deep experience in Microsoft Azure, and a maturity and capacity for IT service management. LAB3 is supporting Volt Bank’s rapid growth in two key areas: IT service management and cloud support.

When it comes to IT service management, LAB3 provides a range of support services to keep the lights on for Volt’s corporate team, including:

• Monitoring uptime of Volt’s technology services and systems
• Responding to service desk requests – whether it’s to supply an employee with new hardware, to fix a printer, or troubleshoot software
• Incident management and response

To ensure optimum delivery of the above services, LAB3 uses the cloud service and DevOps automation ecosystem, plus multiple partners who have developed niche speciality services to provide advanced support – for example, ServiceNow, ScienceLogic and Pager Duty. On the roadmap are AV Point backup Terraform for automation.

From a cloud perspective, LAB3 is right-sizing Volt Bank’s investment in cloud to make sure that both dev/test and production environments are sufficient – whether it’s to support the testing of a new debit card product, for example, or it’s to support the highly anticipated launch of a new savings app. The initial focus with cloud has been on Microsoft Azure services, with the roadmap set to extend to other cloud partners as part of the bank’s cloud agnostic and highly resilient platform strategy.

The Outcome

With LAB3 taking care of the cloud layer, Volt Bank can focus on what it does best – which is to design and build innovative new ‘neo-banking’ products that disrupt the big four and give banking customers new ways to manage their money.

“We need a fully scalable environment that can cater for a rapid increase in customers and products. LAB3 has delivered this for us, laying strong foundations for growth and giving us the capacity we need right now plus the room to move into the future,” said Gazo.

“As well as displaying impeccable technical competence, LAB3 is a true technology partner. They have been extremely responsive, listening to our pain points and objectives, accepting our constructive feedback, and moving at our rapid pace with ease. They respond to our changing needs, time and again.”

timeposted: 1 year ago