Low cost long range battery powered sensors can be deployed in

LAB3 SensorMine® is your gateway to efficiency, operational stability, and safety.

The easiest low-cost, end-to-end monitoring solution for mining companies to understand site conditions and asset health. We provide cost-effective battery-powered sensors that can reduce labour costs, improve reliability and reduce site risk.

Tap into the tech goldmine

What can LAB3 SensorMine® do for you?

Read our white paper to understand about how the combination of cloud, sensors and data can benefit your mine site (and why the number 42 is so special).

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Now available through Datamine

It is now possible to purchase LAB3 SensorMine® technology through Datamine, as well as direct from LAB3.

The LAB3 and Datamine partnership combines the strengths of both organisations to provide unrivalled technology solutions to customers across the mining sector globally.

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Mining refined

LAB3 SensorMine® now makes it possible to start monitoring assets in just days to increase the lifespan of your assets and avoid downtime.

Reduce Labor Costs

On average a single reading on a remote assets takes 100 minutes. In you take reading more then oncce a month manually (or through a data logger) then LAB3 SensorMine® can reduce oeprational costs.

Reduce Risks using Remote Sensors

30% of all site incidents are related to light vehicles, reducing the need to drive out to assets to check on conditions or take reading. Less driving equals less risk.

Reduce the Impact of Down Time Events

We can tell you when asset conditions are deteriorating, cathcing issue early allows for shorter downtimes and lower overall economic impact.

Simple, effective sensors

Just glue our sensors to assets, no power or complex networking.

Simple, accessible interfaces

See data and insights in simple interfaces, accessible anywhere.

End-to-end solution

From sensors to insights and ongoing management.

Making predictive maintenance simple

1. Install sensors

One-off easy install of low-cost, long-battery (3+ years) and long-range (8km+) sensors on critical assets.

According to experts, a typical cost of downtime in mining companies can average at about $180,000 cost per incident. If left unaddressed or the issue persists on a regular basis, the total cost of downtime for a year can amount to $10 billion.
From a screen in your operation center or at site on the phone, you will be alerted to any potential problems as they arise and have an insight about what this may be. This will flag the need for a manual check-up when the timing is spot on.
2. Real-time monitoring

Record vibration, location, dust, water levels, and temperature in real time

Large site size or distance from control makes monitoring difficult
Remotely monitor hundreds of assets and be quickly alerted to specific issues or problems
3. Visualisation and alerting

Actionable visual dashboards with alerting to save cost and avoid downtime, includes integration to through OPC-UA to axisting SCADA or DCS systems.

By tracking, monitoring, and recording key performance data about these critical assets, sensors can send this information to the cloud. Here intelligent models can understand the behavior of a failure. Key algorithms have been developed to uncover the issues amongst all the ‘noise’ of data.
Better visibility with sensors! Sensors can help detect early signs of failure.
4. Support and management

We monitor and support the technology and platform regularly

Keep costs down and run-times up

Get insights in just 3 steps

  • Assess

    We explore logistics, physical terrain, and business needs to ensure success.

  • Test

    With a quick one-off setup of sensors, access monitoring and instant reporting.

  • Deploy

    Once we prove our value, we fully deploy, manage and maintain the solution.

The future is fearless with disruptor tech from LAB3 Data, IoT & AI

Change is relentless, and different for every industry. That is why at LAB3, we create technology that firmly focuses on the world of challenges you will face tomorrow – as well as its opportunities.

Through our innovation hub focusing on Data, IoT & AI, we have partnered with leaders in the mining industry to create a solution that will help you to grow and adapt fearlessly.

For more information on LAB<sup>3</sup> SensorMine® contact:

Alain Blanchette

Director - Data, IoT & AI alain.blanchette@lab3.com.au

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